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LTPD (U8 to U12)


West Rouge 2010 Girls Competitive Soccer Program

Do you have a daughter born in 2010/2011 interested in playing competitive soccer? If yes, we are looking to connect with you! 

According to the Pandemic Impact on Girls in Sport report, 1 in 4 girls are not committed to returning to their pre-pandemic sport participation levels post COVID-19. As a girl’s team within a community club, we have felt the impact of this statistic firsthand.


What you can expect from the WRSC 2010 Girls Competitive Program:

Your daughter will be welcomed into a rewarding team defined by an extremely fun and engaging group of young ladies and young coaches, with a bond like no other.  We boast a warm and family friendly atmosphere. We are highly connected to other coaches & players within the club and many siblings of our players also play on other teams within the competitive program. 


3 reasons to be interested in joining our Team: 

1.      We provide an Athlete-centred environment for players to develop their technical soccer skills and tactical awareness.

- We purposely curate programming to reflect the capacity of players and the demands of the game relative to their age group - sessions are both fun and functional, but require more discipline relative to recreational (“house league”) programming.

- We continue leverage the LTPD model and other relevant frameworks to inform our short and long-term session and season planning to help players sustainably take their game to the next level.  

2.      Your child’s health, safety and holistic well-being is our top priority at all times. We emphasize respect, honesty, integrity and heart (aka hard work) across our team (players + parents) and value each individual as more than just a ’soccer player’ at the end of the day. 

3.      Qualified Female (Anika) and Male (Sam) Coaches, who:

- Are dedicated to their team (players + parents) and passionate about keeping young women in sport.

- Have been brought up through the West Rouge Soccer Program, and continue to be involved in playing and improving the game today.

- Continuing their soccer education to provide consistent, quality programming, appropriate for youth female athletes.

- Are familiar with and prepared to deliver individualized, 1 on 1 coaching as required.

- Make themselves accessible to the best of their abilities, to support their players and their families.


If you have a daughter interested in playing organized, competitive soccer, we would love to hear from you. Please contact us via email for a stress-free trial. You and your (successful) player will not be disappointed.

Let’s continue to grow the women’s game together!


Sam Geahchan, Hach Coach                                                              



Anika Taylor, Assistant Coach