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Respect in Sport

The West Rouge Soccer Club is proud to be the first soccer club in Scarborough taking a leadership role in protecting the best interests of young soccer players, and all those involved in our game, by introducing the Respect in Sport for Parents program to our organization. We are taking this important step with Ontario Soccer, following the lead of multiple sports organizations operating in the province of Ontario.

Starting in the 2019 Outdoor Season, West Rouge Soccer Club is making the Respect in Sport for Parents program mandatory for any one parent or guardian of each player registered in any of our programs. The certificate is transferable from any other sport in Ontario, and covers the entire family. Please help us to make soccer safe and fun for all participants in our community.

The Respect in Sport for Parents program is a one-hour online module for parents/guardians, reinforcing their role in their child’s activities, encouraging positive sport behaviors, and providing insight into the various roles other individuals play, such as coaches and officials. This program empowers parents to ensure the safety of their children, encourage positive and effective communication, and to enhance a child's overall enjoyment of soccer. The online course costs $12 + tax and is transferable to other sports involved in Respect in Sport.

The Respect in Sport for Parents program must be completed before we can add your son or daughter to any team roster.

Ready to start?

For users that already have a certificate, see Frequently Asked Questions.  First time users, follow steps 1 to 5 below:
1. Goto the Ontario Soccer Respect in Sport for Parents website.
2. If you are new to the program (first time user), select “Click here to register now”.
3. When asked if you are already registered in other programs, select “REGISTER: Let’s register a new user”.
4. At the Registration page, fill in the top part of the web form with parent/guardian information. Then, select “ADD CHILD: Add a child to your profile” and follow the instructions to add each child. Don’t forget to select the correct soccer association (Scarborough Soccer Association) and club (West Rouge S.C.) from the drop-down list. You must SAVE to add a child. If you have multiple children registering with West Rouge Soccer, add them all to your profile.
5. Click the Security Captcha and submit registration.


Question:  I already took the Parent Program through hockey. Do I have to take it again?
Answer:  No.
You can port your hockey parent certification over to the Ontario Soccer’s Respect in Sport for Parents program database. Porting instructions are very simple, and can be completed in a couple of minutes at no cost.
To port an existing certification and user:  

  • You need your exact certification number, which you can find by clicking here
  • Click on "New to this Program?" at the top of the registration page, then select “Look Up” Enter your credentials to lookup your profile. Once your registration/profile is validated and Child information updated, click “Submit”. Port your certificate by configuring your affiliation with West Rouge S.C.

Question:  I have taken the Respect in Soccer program - Activity Leader (Coach). Do I still have to take the Parent program if I have a child playing soccer?
Answer:  Yes.
Respect in Sport - Activity Leader (Coach), may not be ported to the Respect in Sport - Parent program, as it is a different program, with different content.
Question:  What if I don't have my exact certification number?
Answer:  Click here and enter your user information to retrieve your number.