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Seneca College Parking Information

For the 2019-20 Indoor Season we are excited to provide soccer training on turf at Seneca College!  The main address is 1750 Finch Avenue East, Toronto, ON. The entrance is on Au Large Blvd. which is north off of Finch Avenue East. Drive along Au Large Blvd to Premier Davis Blvd and head towards the dome. The closest parking is Lot 5, or if full, use Lot 6.  See attached Map.

Fees for Parking:

  • If just drop off/picking up, 20 minutes grace period-->no fee (FREE!)
  • If going to stay, pay $1.25 per visit after entering the promo code "W20SPORTS" (regular price $4.75)

How to Pay:

  • Honk Mobile App (preferred; can pre-set your vehicle and payment methods under your profile)
  • Honk Mobile website . Seneca is listed as Zone 3800
  • At parking kiosks; closest is located in Building G.

Methods of Payment:

  • Credit Card
  • PayPal


  1. You can pre-pay for parking via the Mobile App or the website. 
  2. Mobile wallets such as Apple Pay are supported on the Honk Mobile App. 
  3. Cash is NOT accepted at Seneca College Parking Lots.


The entrance is under a roof that joins the dome to Building G, see photos below. There is a service entrance closer to the parking lot but that is closed. Use the entrance that goes to the middle of the dome with the roof to Building G.  Also washrooms are in Building G on main floor, and downstairs there are change rooms (if required).